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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tourism in Isaan, and Keep It Clean

This fountain, oops no water, is a prominent feature at Beung Kaen Nakhon, in Khon Kaen.  It was reworked, remodeled, rehabilitated just a few years ago. The Tesaban, mayor's office, is responsible for this and many other things here in town.
Now the Beung , it's park and the restaurants and facilities that surround it are a major tourist draw to Khon Kaen.

 So when you see the next photo some questions might come up
Not only doesn't the fountain "fount" it is a trash pit as well. Tourists might stop here to take a picture, and in fact, it is a good picture of the attitude toward the city, amphor, province and their nation that many Thais have, so it would be a factualphoto.
If a Thai in this neighborhood had any interest in his neighborhood, city, amphor or province someone would clean this mess up.
From the position of village chief, to khamnan, to nai amphor, to governor all; government officials seem to think they are owed respect by the people. Yes the position is one of respect, but the person in it has choices. One is to earn the respect of his constituency, or to defile and abuse his position. Just like in the military when you earn the respect of your people everyone pitches in and works together. When the leadership is disfunctional trash of many types lay around.
Last week I lost 2 tires in a hole in the road and a motorcyclist lost his life due to inept government.
Okay, just what am I ranting about?
I recently ran across this website about  the Khmer and this page that lists many sites And I recently completed a tour guide to Mahasarakham and quickly posted a second edition when I found more sites in the province ignored by Thai Government Agencies, to include The Tourism Authority of Thailand. Now I have discovered more sites ignored. For a number of years now I have been documenting the people, places and events in Isaan. Now you might not believe this, but I do not have the millions of Baht budget that the Government agencies have. I will continue to publish posts, map the sites and show the photos. But I will not respect entities and people that do not do their jobs. These offices and those people are stealing from the people of Isaan.
Why can't the Tesaban, or Province promote something simple? Why can't schools and schoolchildrend adopt a fountain? Or adopt a section of park? Or map tourist sites? They can't because there is no leadership.
Perhaps if people ever DEMAND that Government Officials remember that they are servants of the people not the other way around. Leaders must learn that respect is earned. When public officials have some interest in the public as opposed to their pockets the fountains and parks will get cleaned, students will actually get an education, roads will get fixed and things will progress as opposed to the "hamster wheel" they are on now.