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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Phu Phra Forest Park, Kalasin 30.05.11

The park is located about 16 kilometers from Tha Khantho on highway 2299. I passed the entrance the 1st time about 0730, then again about 0740, and finally decided that the green sign hidden behind the guardrail was probably it. This is one of those signs you find in front of a building or some such. Anyhow I GPSed the location and it is now on the Kalasin Map, along with the other updates. Id rove up the dirt road to what appeared to be, and is the Park Headquarters. I found a useful map on the wall. Noted the 1:5,000 scale a had a fair idea of what was ahead. As I was about to leave a worked showed up, we had a short chat and I headed up the road. Each of the points of interest are clearly marked in Thai. The views are great. As far as the 3 caves are concerned"forget it. The 1st 1 called Tham Siam Sap has no access> Maybe it is there maybe it isn't. Tham Phra Rot, the ladder is broken and looks to have been for some time. And finallay the one that the park takes it's name from Tham Phra. They are buildin some type of "ThaiBuddhist" monstrocity and as far as I can figure can no longer get to the cave.
This could ne a 1st class sitebut I am sure that the Tourism Authority of Thailand will continue to ensure that it is unfindable, and not maintained or improved.
Open the album in Picasa to view location.