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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mahasarakham University, Sirindhorn Isan Information Center 07.06.11

Here is what they have to say and there is no use rewriting it as it is well written and true.

"The Sirindhorn Isan Information Center is a special department in an Academic Resource Center, Mahasarakham University. The Center collects and conserves information relating to Isan culture, traditions, education, arts, history, literature, and all other aspects of northeastern Thailand. The center provides services and access to users domestically and internationally. The Sirindhorn Isan Information Center is unique in the housing and shelving of its collection which are fascinating, functional and instill an appreciation of Isan culture.

To sit and work in the Sirindhorn Isan Information Center is to feel being somewhere in Isan in the past and in the present. In the search or tracing of books, one is introduced to Isan baskets (khong, khu, muai, khatip khao or khong khao…), musical instruments (wot, kwaen pong lang…), hardlooms (khi tho pha) and spinning wheels (klong), fishing equipment (hae), bullock carts (kwian) and other artifacts produced in super-gigantic sizes with shelves to house the book collection. For group discussions, users can sit on a (khuang) a raised unroofed platform attached to the outside of an Isan house, and imagine where groups of people get together after a day’s work to chit-chat or where the young ones eventually find and court their life partners. To feel at home as in Isan, one can find a mat to sit on with a low table to do one’s homework or write a report. Through innovative interior furnishings and decoration, the Center provides very interestingly a semblance of Isan ambience where one not only learns but appreciates Isan culture."