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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Hole in the Road, Tires and a Khon Kaen Park in Isaan

After dropping off my laundry, this morning, I planned on stopping at the small park across the street from Central Plaza on Sri Chant Road, here in Khon Kaen.
This is a nice park, but due to road congestion and local driving skills, it is a dangerous location. I guess that's why the countdown to new year was held there.
As I drove down the driveway a motorcycle came around the corner onmy left. Yes that's the wrong side. The car lurched, I heard a pop the felt the next lurch. I had hit an unmarked unguarded bottomless hole in the road. Rebar had ripped a hole in the front right tire sidewall and severe damage to the right rear tire. Luckily the spare was almost half full of air. I called my insurance agent and he promptly rang back and said someone would be there soon. I do carry full, number 1 coverage.Sure enough about 20 minutes later the guy pulled up and we started figuring out what to do.
At the end of it all I had to buy 2 new tires. Insurance covers 50% of the cost, and since the tires are a bit more than 50% through their life, that was fair enough. Also the help and the work of the insurance rep meant a lot.
I also found out that a motorcyclist had hit the hole and died, and that there had been other problems with the hole. It is a shame that the tesaban is not held accountable for these things. I only lost a couple tires, someone lost a child due to the usual government ineptness.

And yes as you can see I did photograph the park. Due to traffic conditions this park is way underused. Also the gocart track that was quite popular, now sites idle