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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Handicraft Center for Northeastern Women Development

Also known as the Prea Pan Group.Take a look at the website which will tell you a lot. Unfortunatly they do not list prices and other important stuff. I found it d it why doing my usual "Google Searches" for places in and around Isaan. Strange as it might be to believe TAT Khon Kaen lists them, end of semi-compliment. They do not put it on a map. They list it on a road that is about 2 kilometers long and address numbers are useless. And then to top it all off they list the phone number incorrectly. I will be visiting the 7 villages in Khon Kaen that supple products to the group. 1 of the photos here in geotagged so you can find the shop in my Picasa Albums.

The thing that is disgusting me more and more is the complete disregard all the government offices have for tourism in Thailand. I see this and the effect of it in Isaan. The simple fact is that if someone had an interest every site, place of lodging, restaurant, service center and anything else could be online from the village level on up. If someone only had an interest in improving life and empowering people in Isaan.