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Sunday, June 19, 2011

City Pillar, Lak Meuang Khon Kaen (and more)

First of all do a "Google Search" for "City Pillar Khon Kaen" you might find the following "A famous monk and former governor of Khon Kaen placed a stone inscription from an ancient site in Amphoe Chum Phae here for a Buddhism rite and set up the city pillar shrine.'
Now who was the genius that first made that often copied fine bit of information and what does it tell me about the place?
Often it is placed on Thepharak Road, big help here.
The City Pillar and Mother Earth (mae Thoranee) are in a Park on Sri Chant Road in the center of the City.
Some photos in this album are geaotagged so you can see the location by clickind on the slideshow, which will take you to the Picasa WEb Album
And if you haven't listened to the new IsaanLive Podcast give it a listen.