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Monday, June 20, 2011

Caddy training at The Beung Aram Dinosaur Golf Course 17.06.11

in Yang Talat, Kalasin, Isaan.Khun Prasit and I were going to try to do an interview for my new Podcast on the course, but the fierce winds put an end to that.
I did get a bunch of information and hope to have the interview with Khun Prasit, who is a retired Government Officer, and has a wealth of information.
The course will not officially open till the end of the rainy season, but if people who like to come to try it out from Wednesday to Sunday it can be arranged.
For now if you are interested it is probably best if you just contact me, and I'll try to help sort out a plan.
It is an 18 hole course, about 7,300 from the blue tees. It lays along side the lake and has a bit of water, but not a lot compared to many Thai course. I have walked a good part of it and it is in pretty good shape. Not much in hte way of shade, what's new.
There should be beverages available, food is still in question. Might not be a bad idea to bring your own bev and ice.
Anyhow here is a look at caddy training day out on the course