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Friday, June 3, 2011

Buddha Kantharawichai Apisami Dharma Nayok, Mahasarakham, Isaan, Thailand

Now you might be impressed by the sign. One might even think the the event and the image itself would be noted and remembered by many. Well first of all do a google search for the image.
There are 1,00 of big, actually huge, tasteless "thaibuddhism" Buddha images throughout the country. But this image is a testament to Buddhism, it is simple, yet elegant. It is a reflection of Buddhism.
It sits in a simple unadorned room. In a busy city a quiet spot for reflection or meditation. Part of the Triple Gem, a simple Refuge.
But thew Tourism Authority of Thailand is not impressed by any of these things This place after 40 years does not deserve a listing by the TAT.
What does rate a listing is the Arts, Culture and Tourism Promotion Centre of Kalasin, I really do not understand the logic, as the Centre has been closed for about 10 years. We are talking about the National Tourism Authority of Thailand and 40 years on still omit this site after His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej presided over the golden casting ceremony and graciously specified the name Buddha Kantharawichai Apisami Dharma Nayok. It makes omiting the longest bridge in Thailand pale in comparison. It is the Thepsuda Bridge in Kalasin. Do a Google search. I guess this is where the concept for "Unseen Thailand" comes from.