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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Asalha Puja and Khao Pansaa

Next month Buddhists around the world will observe Asalha Puja by going to their local temple taking the 8 Precepts. Many will wear white for the day and spend the day and evening in the Wat until the morning of Khao Pansaa and the start of the Rains Retreat.
In Thailand drunken tourists around the country will observe Full Moon Parties. Drink until you pass out in The Land of Smiles.
In the Buddhist world the night of the new, 1st quarter,full, last quarter and new moon are Uposatha Days. In Thailand it appears that "New Moon Parteies" have begun to enter the scene.
While the Ministry of Culture rants about Westerners getting Sak Yant tattoos, which are not Buddhist in the first place, they condone if not promote Full Moon Parties.

While drinking on auspicious days is disallowed throughout the Kingdom, full moon parties go on.

While the people of the Buddhist world make merit in Buddhist temples on Asalha Puja here is Thailand it's "Bottoms Up" at the full moon parties