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Monday, June 13, 2011

1,000th Isaan Life at Blogspot Post

A person on Twitter sent me this location and asked me if I had seen it. At the time I had not and last week traveled to Roi-Et to check it out. Just look at the size of the thing next to the village. Disgusting isn't it? It is even more disgusting when you see the photos and learn what the place is. But as I started to compile the post I noticed that it would be the 1,000th from this blog and decided that would not have that distinction, as small a distinction that might be. I doubt I will let it be the 1st of what I hope to be my second 1,000 posts as well.

A few days ago Hans In Sakon Nakhon
mention something about my Picasa Web Albums. So I went and had a look.There are more than 330 Public Albums dating from 2005. More than 270 since 01/01/10.
All of my photos are not in the online album, in general thay reflect posts to this blog.
Of the previous posts, the great majority reflect my travels through Isaan. Of the posts more than 900 were made in the last 18 months. And a big thanks to Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement for making Isaan-Live come alive.
I spend most every day with Google, in one way or another. Google Maps helps me add precision to my posts, Picasa helps me maintain some organization to my photos,youtube a place for videos, blogger well here I am. Talk about love-hate relationships< Google sure can provide it. Try navigating, unmapped Isaan with Google Maps.
And with any luck starting next week I'll strat producing a (I hope) a weekly podcast that will live at Isaanlive the blog.
So thanks to everone that reads the blog and to everyone that enjoys the photos. And I look forward to sharing the next 1,000 and the 1,000s after that with you.