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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

wat udom khongkha kirikhet, khon kaen

Okay before you go any further do a google search for "wat udom khongkha kirikhet". The only entry that does not seem to be copied an pasted from the incorrect original is the one at tourismthailand, latough theirs might be copied from a place I have missed. First of all this is not "an elegant hill-top temple" There is a gaudy building as you eneter the wat, sort of a chedi, pagoda thingy with a big buddha statue in front. I guess you could call this ornate if you are into Elvis on velvet paintings. The wat (entire area inside the walls) is slowly decaying. Building get offered, built and not used. I will post DSLR photos soon. The photos in this post are geotagged
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