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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wat Thung Setthi, New Chedi and more in khonkaen

Wat Thung Setthi is in the southeast section of greater Khon Kaen just inside the ring road. It is a little place that is dusty and dirty. I was surprised to see a walking meditation path, but not surprised to see it wad junk on it and had not been used in some time. My question is why is this chedi and other unnecessary "shrinery" going in? I think I have finally come to understand "Thai Buddhism" as opposed to Buddhism., It like the country is all about face and nothing about substance. When I saw the wat where they are building the worlds largest Ajaan Mun statue I was pretty sure the plot was gone here. Driving beyond rural Isaan and finding the huge statues dedicated to a penniless beggar who spent his life explaining suffering, it's causes and the release from suffering I know now that very few have a clue. It's lucky the famous monks are cremated otherwise the noise of them spinning in their graves would be deafening.