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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vesakha Puja, 14 Khong in Isaan

khong means customs, laws, rules
I don't see anything about no beer, but DO NOT have sex today.
It appears that the western bars and restaurants are all closed today and all Thai establishments open.
Me being a good Buddhist will refrain from sex while drinking beer.,

The Fourteen Laws for commoners includes the following:

First, after harvesting new rice or new fruits, offer them to holy personages first before consuming them and distributing them among relatives.

Second, do not cheat the balance of the scale, do not lend money for interest, and do not utter vulgar or indecent language.

Third, after erecting the house posts and walls, build a spirit house to worship guardian deities in all four directions.

Fourth, wash one's feet before ascending to the house.

Fifth, on holy days (the seventh or eighth and the fourteenth or fifteenth days of the lunar month) hold ceremonies to apologize to house bricks, kitchen, ladders, and doors of the house.

Sixth, wash one's feet before going to bed.

Seventh, on holy days, wives should take candles, incense sticks, and flowers to beg
apologies from their husbands and to present worshipping units to the monks.

Eighth, on the fifteenth day of the waxing and waning moon, invite monks to chant in the house and offer food to them.

Ninth, when monks come to take alms, do not let them wait. Do not touch the monks' bowls,do not touch the monks or novices, do not carry children, and do not carry any weapon when offering food to the monks.

Tenth, when monks take an annual penance, prepare trays of popped rice, flowers, candles, incense sticks, and other necessities for them.

Eleventh, when a monk is passing, sit down and wai before and while speaking to him.

Twelfth, do not step on the shadow of a monk or holy personage.

Thirteenth, do not offer left-over food to monks or husbands.

Fourteenth, do not have sexual intercourse on holy days, the first day and the last day ofBuddhist Lent, Songkran Day (Thai New Year's day which falls on April 13), and on one's birthday.