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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tourism in Thailand Isaan or is it?

Thirawat Hospital
I am doing a bit of preliminary work on some things I will be doing soon in Kalasin.
So doing a search for "Arts, Culture and Tourism Promotion Centre Kalasin", I came up with a large number of hits, my favorite being this one "This is an information centre in Thirawat Hospital and provides knowledge to those interested in local arts and culture of Kalasin. There are displays of the way of life of locals and people in the Northeast, as well as local products for sale." that can be found here. Now I know that tourismthailand is another name for TAT. Here boys and girls comes the, oh well, sort of, point of this whole thing "IT HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR YEARS" Take a look at the number of places that still list the thing.
Thepsuda Bridge
This bridge has been there for,. Never mind you try to figure it out, go ahead do a google search. It is the LONGEST BRIDGE IN THILAND. Does everyone out there only copy and paste. Have any of those people ever been in the field. Look here. My point is "IS anyone out there really interested in promoting tourism in thailand. My "Welcome to Mahasrakham" (a travel guide will be out shortly and everyplace has been visited by me. When I felt more was needed I returned. Whatever I need a beer