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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mahasarakham off the Grid with TAT, Tourism Authority of Thailand

The Khon Kaen office of TAT is responsible for Khon Kaen, Mahasarakham, Kalasin and Roi-Et Provinces. The produce a brochure or tourist guide for each of these Provinces 10cm wide by 21 cm tall. And signposts throughout the area should help tourists find the sights.
In this post I want to discuss 2 sites and a problem that is endemic to tourism in the Isaan Region. It may be endemic throughout Thailand, but I only travel Isaan.
The embedded album can be seen with in a map by clicking on it to open in Picasa web album or simply click on the title of this post.
The Pottery Village as you can read is a TAT site. Look at the location of the sign pointing to Ku Ban Khwao. THis would be an idea point to put a sign to the Pottery Village. As a matter of fact the lane leading to the village might be a bit of help as well. But, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls , there are NO signs in the area leading to the Pottery Village.
Next TAT lists Ku Mahathat, as you can read, in the brochure, the sign points to  Ku Ban Khwao and, oh by the way it is also known as Prang Ku, which is all rather pointless as there is no sign on the highway to point you down the road to the place.
I will tackle the Phra That Na Dun question in another post.
The point of this whole exercize is yes you can get information from TAT, but of what use is it?
My ebook on Mahasarakham will be out soon will everything geotagged. You decide what is of any use.