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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Luangta Maha Bua, Wat Tham Nok Aen 14.05.11

After Ajaan Mun died Luangta went off in search of a place to meditate. He arrived in Mukdaham. He arrived in Kham Cha-I District, Mukdahan Province and a few kilometers from town found a hilltop over a rock overhang cave that today is Wat Tham Nok Aen.
I arrived Saturday morning from Mukdahan and was welcomed by th 30 some local supporters. The regular sala is at the lowest level and has a modest car park. There is a stone stairway up to the next level, which is the cave, or rock overhang, which now houses a sala as well. And on top of the hill where luangta had his kuti a new sala is being constucted.
The site of luanta's original kuti is marked by a couple of stones.
There is 1 monk and 1 pakow in residence at this time. At this wat the same as Wat Hin Mak Ping we sat and chanted while the Bhikku Sangha ate the meal. This was really great on my knees, but a tradition that has become more and more rare.