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Friday, May 27, 2011

Baan Phaeng, Mahasarakham, Wat Chaiprasit Murals (mobile)

I Have added The sedge mat village to the Mahasarakham Map. I went to recheck some data and to try to follow a sign just before the lake which points to a "Mat Factory", which I am now 90% convinced does not exist.
I stumbled upon this wat and very congenial Jao a wat (abbot)who they call loong paw (uncle) who is a few years younger than me. On the 3rd floor is a thatched house made of concrete with these murals showing village life centered around, Buddhism, Sedge Grass for the Mats and Silk.
I would suggest that this area is easily a couple hour visit, more if you stop at the lake for a meal.