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Monday, April 11, 2011

wat sawannana khuha, nong bua lam phu, Isaan, Thailand

wat sawannana khuha, nong bua lam phu is south of Baan Phue which is in Udon Province. It is fairly nondescript as far as temples go, but what was interesting was the walk around the huge rock that houses the temple. I took off down the path the went to the right of the temple as you as you exited it thinking it would only go along the rock face for a couple hundred meters, but I was mistaken. First of all at 63 and wearing long trousers and sturdy shower shoes a walk around this rock is probably not the wisest thing, but not carrying any water added to the whimsy of the trip. All in all the walk took a bit more than an hour with 1 stroll through a dead end cave, which was actually just an overhang, but with no exit. The rock is actually made up of 3 large parts connected by saddles. I think one could climb on to one of the saddle from the back of the thing, because I could nearl see the to from the backside during my stroll. At the end of it all 1 thing to remember when out and about in Isaan is to carry a couple of clothing chouces. Wat wear and walking wear should be with you at all times. Also the big brown thing on an axle is a BIG Khao Kee which is khao niaow dipped in egg and BBQed
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