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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Resorts in the 3,000 Hole area Mekhong River Amphor Khong Chiam

In the New book by TAT "The Mekong Journeys along the River of Life" they inform the reader of 1 resort in the 80 or so kilometer area. Now I would assume that that might be a reason for travelers to be a bit concerned as far as lodging availability in that part of the Mekong. Why they only list 1 resort rather astounds me as there a number of resorts available. I have pictured some of them here and many are geotagged. In upcoming posts I will tell you more about this area where people could easily spend a week exploring this fascinating stretch of the Mekong and other rapids and beaches. I will also try to clear up some of the confusion the book my cause and be more specific about traveling and enjoying the area