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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mekhong River Ubon Ratchathani

I had been planning on revisiting the area for some time and as I had recently received a copy of TAT's new book on the area "The Mekong Journeys along the River of Life" I headed off to Ubon. After a couple of stops I arrived a Khong Chiam and stopped in to say hello to the Nai Amphor, who is the younger brother of a long time friend of mine, and I had a very important question for him, as well. The book and I quote says"...Continue cruising to "Hat Salueng" the beautiful beach by the Mun River.... Well I had visited "Hat Saleung" a number of times and it was at least 60k from the Mun River. I was so glad to learn that TAT had not moved it and it was still at its original location.
Well folks there is still so much more of this story to tell, but I am old and tired , so please be patient. Let me leave you with a panorama of an unknown Kaeng (rapids) in the middle of the Mekhong river that a certain tourist organization missed. click to view full size.