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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mekhong River 100 kilometers of adventure (slideshow 1)

Here we follow 100 kilometers of beaches and rapids that become visible as the Mekhong drops to it's lowest levels. One could easily spend a week exploring the Mekhong and tributaries in this area. From the tourist destination of Khong Chiam to where the Mekhong leaves Thailand to the South and North to Haad Saleung.
Stay in some of the many little resorts along the way. This would be a lovely area to bring your kayak In some places you could walk across the river to Lao PDR if it was legal..
This area hold much more than is mentioned in the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Book and ebook.

This slideshow is a compilation of phone and digital camera photos so the may appear to be some redundancy. Better to experience some of theses sights twice than not at all.
Another good way to view the area is in Google Earth from From 15°49'27.74"N 105°23'16.01"E
to 15°19'19.57"N 105°34'4.75"E More to come soon