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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kud Kwaang Soi Museum And Archeological Site

I just love signs like this. Is there anything really there? Will I , actually find it? and and on and on. A semi- quick chat with the folks at the hardware store confirmed that these places did exist and were just down the respective roads, a bit. As the truck was pointed toward Kud Kwang Soi I headed off in what I hoped was the right direction. At the 1st Tee junction there was a small sign that appeared to have the correct name pointing straight up to the sky. While scratching my head a fella in his 50s cycled up and said to me in perfect English, "Looking for the museum are you"?
People seem to forget that many Isaan men work overseas if they can get a real job and this gent was a veteran of 10 years construction in the middle east. He's the one that told  me about the spelling (Kud or Kut, Kwaang or Kwang), hence like many transcriptions he did not favor the sign's. Anyhow I was off again, a couple kilometers, a couple turns till I felt I should be getting close, so stopped at the village mini-mart, restaurant bar and asked for the museum Kud Kwaang Soi and was told I had arrived. Tee nee asks me, tee nan answers one of the local drinkers pointing to a new building about 50 meters away. After politely declining offer of food and beverage I pulled up in the shade of the carpark and turned to watch the manager of the museum pull up on her bicycle. Opening the door she led me in to a small well kept exhibit of the atrifacts that were found at the site. Lighting was not optimum , but what the heck I was in Kud Kwaang Soi. After the usual, How the hell did I manage to find this place chat, she offered to show me the site and recently found skeletons, so off we went 500 meters around the corner and down the lane. This building while not as posh as the museum protects the excavation and skeletons and pottery in situ?
Also there to greet me was the fellow who discovered the skeletons about a year ago, while the artifacts in the museum have been in the museum for more than 5 years.
After this delightful visit it was off to the other site which was never found, but that's a story for another day