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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Huai Phai Community along the Mekhong, Ubon

Once again Tourism Authority of Thailand does a dis-service to another Isaan Community.In their new tourisn guide "The Mekong, Jouneys along the River of Life" they give a brief mention of this area without even mentioning the name of the community, completely ignoring some locations and worst?of all not providing information about the road ( that does not exist on maps) that you will be following.
The Huai Phai Community is comprised of Baans Nong Phue Noi, Kum, Ta Mui and Tha Long. As with many Isaan people they are descendets of families from Laos. The villages of Baan Nong Phue and Baan Kum are known for their hand woven cloth, while Tha Long, a settlement of ethnic Bru is know for it's basketry and Baan Ta Mui is nearyby fruit plantation and other crops.Many of the photos in this album are geotagged and you can view the location by going to the album in Picasa . They also fail to mention the community center (geotaaged in the album) where you can see and buy some of the products and also get useful information about the area.
If you are going to the Community to see products being made be advised this does not go on in a scheduled way and you might be quite disappointed to see NO weaving or basket making on a given day. The beaches and rapids are well worth a visit. Their are a couple resorts open contrary to the TAT (and I use the word loosely) guide .  Driving along the Mekhong you will be driving below the much visited Pha Taem Nation Park So enjoy those views to your west. Along the way you might get confused by the lack of signage or just confused about your lacation. Try to recognize some of the characters of the next village in Thai or be able to say the name of the place in Thai and the folks will do thier best to help you out. Also remember there are quite a few spots along the way where you will have no phone signal.Also as always in Isaan you will not starve. The area is well worth the visit. kick back and enjoy rhe easy life for a few days