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Friday, April 1, 2011

home at last, thank god almighty home at last

Larry Westafall of Khon Kaen Retirement fame has finally moved into the new house and the house blessing was held today.
It was understated and very nice affair, opposed to some of the blessings I have attended over the years. Isaan style is diverse and can seem strange to some, but the purpose is to keep thimgs in balance and to ensure that you do not piss off the spirits.
I am sure Larry will be posting the photos of the party that followed, as I shot the pre-event that was directed by the Mor Phon and the chanting by the monks and offering of food.
This was followed by the party that was attended by family and a few friends. Other than Larry's lovely Missus I had not met any of the family so the camera went in the bag as I proceeded to chat and joke, and have a bunch of food and beer with a very neighborly group of people.