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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Orchid Park @ Wat Pa Chang Kra and Tortoise Village Khon Kaen

TAT Khon Kaen also lists the Orchid Park at Wat Pa Chang Kra and the Tortoise Park and Village as tourist destinations in Khon Kaen, in the Mancha Kiri area. So after finally locating the Silk Center the hunt for more continued.
After U-turns, see "Orchids 500 meters", slowly moving until the "Orchids 500 meters" is seen in the rear-view mirror. The place was found and geotagged
What the good folks at TAT forget to tell you is that the orchids bloom , basically in only January and February clearly posted on the sign at the site, and as you can see on the sign the directions to the place are clearly printed. I guess the high level Tech People at the Tourism Authority see the use of posting directions to a site at the site a good use of resources. There are only 4 photos of the Orchid park in the album the rest being of the next highly rated site the Tortoise Park.
 I was most impressed with the fuzzy long eared shell-les tortoises, as they were the only ones I saw move. Now I understand that Tortoises are not big movers, but this was a bit over the top. And thinking the rabbits might be a segway to the Aesop fable I tried that tact, which drew blank stares as did any attempt to do the tortoise and hare thing. The major attraction at the park are the urchins who are constantly trying to get you to buy food for the sleeping animals. Piles of fruit and vegetable in front of shells might provide a clue to some intrepid tourist.Or are they just sleeping? As far as I was concerned the high point of the visit was the gift shop stocked with plenty of  kitsch
The Khon Kaen Province map is now updated to include these sites and the Silk Center as well.

Also note that you can click on the arrow in the lower right hand  corner of the album to expand it to full screen.