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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Khon Kaen, just another day 28/3/11

Started my day as usual, if I am in town, with a walk around Beung Kaen Nakhon. A quick stop to "gowalla" my location to let folks know the I was out Bogging. There are number of these toilet facilities around the lake.
Next stop was to photograph a fella, about 60, on the parallel bars along the bank of the lake. He, not only really seemed to know what he was doing, but  I wondered, "Wherein the hell did the parallel bars come from."
The " fun fair" stuff was   spotted at a car park adjacent to the beung. Now I am wondering is Winnie the Poh coming to Khon Kaen for the upcoming Songkran celebration. Time will tell. Next came the couple actually "walking" their dog. Perhps the cold was too much for fido, but also note the plastic collar the gent is carrying. Perhaps fido has some mental baggage as well.
I then took a new route around the children's library and stumbled onto a sculpture I have previously missed. I will get back with the DSLR to get some netter photos of this Isaan style scene.
The out and about in town I spotted the usual array of  photo worth moments already posted, which you can visit. And last, but by no means least the advert for CAT and 3G service. I really have to find out if this reality exists anywhere but on the side of a local songthaew in khon kaen isaan thailand.