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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Golden Tongues & Black Hearts or beung kaen nakhon (dead water)

I have heard the term Golden Tongues & Black Hearts in Ireland, Native Americans have it, and other places in Asia. Here it is Thai Style

A bit over a month ago I posted in the morning and again in the afternoono a story about Khon Kaen University, College of Environmental Engineering, the Tesaban and local VIPs giving a presentation on cleaning up the Beung and its importance in the community. Well I have been doing some researc and have learned a few things.
A generation ago people built restaurants around it serving fish that were caught in it and people would swim in it. Well congratulations to the 3 parties mentioned above as of now the thing is a polluted body of water that no one wold enter and the fish are dead.
One of the VIPs family has built a number of housing estates around the area and these housing estates have no sewage or septic systems, instead household effluent goes into holding tanks where it is, supposedly, pumped out when the tank is full. I have interviewed a number of people in the estates and many have never emptied their tanks. The reason is the tanks are not sealed and the foul water percolates into the ground. Congratulations to you Mr. Name Withheld you are a true contributor to the environment.
Pictured in the album you can see the beds for the water hyacinth to clean up the beung and the aerators to prove air to the dead water. No comment needed. When I asked if would not be a bit more environmentally sound to use solar motors, I was told that they do not have them in thailand, i would say this was a lie, but instead will call it a golden tongued statement. The photos show how city runnoff is delivered to the lake.
They can say as many words as they like but every entity that took part in that seminar should have to swim across that lake and then drink the water.