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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chonnabot silk Center, Khon Kaen Thai Pa Mai 29/03/11

TAT advertises this place extensively in their written and video propaganda, but seem unable to place it in any obvious way anywhere. To be somewhat precise, if you are driving West on road 229 from Chonnabot town you will pass the hospital on your right as you leave the town proper another 500 meters you will pass the Anusak Supa school, continue for approximately 800 meters and you will see a large school compound on your left which should be the Chonnabot Suksa school The Khon Kaen Vocation school, go very slow and watch for the gate with a large building facing it. You CANNOT drive through this gate. If you pass it you will see a couple Isaan Style houses in the compound. You have just passed it. It is also now posted on my Khon Kaen Province map.
As you can see the location of the Center is also part of this post, an ability that escapes the IT professionals at TAT

Now my friend Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement has a real love affar with the folks at TAT. I quiet agree the the only award the Tourism Authority of Thailand deserves is the Thai equivelent of a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.  The photos in this post depict the center as it appears in real life as opposed to a TAT promotional video which creates a fictional place, with fictional activities available.
Is it worth a visit? Yes it is as the selection is pretty good and the prices much better than you would pay in Bangkok or elsewhere. Plus you are getting the real thing. The center is only open weekdays as of this writing, which seems a bit odd for a tourist attraction. If you are interested in what else to do on your way into Khon Kaen contact me or keep an eye on the website.