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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ajaan Mun Museum Wat Suddhavasa

Ajaan Mun spent his final years at a samnak outside Baan Nong Pheu, Na Nai, Amphor Phanna Nikhom in Sakon Nakhon, today named Wat Pa Phuridatta in honor of Ajaan Mun.
As his death was eminent he had himself moved to Wat Suddhavasa in Sakon Nakhon town as he did not want to place a burden on the rural villagers. He died 11 November 1949(1949-11-11) and was cremated 31 January 1950.
A small museum dedicated to him is in the temple grounds

Wat Pa Phuridatta is pictured as a "fir tree" and wat suddhavasa is in Sakon Nakhon town

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