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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wat Po Non Than, Khon Kaen

I visited wWat Po Non Than today. I photograped here last Kathin and found both the wat's architecture and bhikkhus interesting. Lately, I have received a few questions about locations for meditation instruction and I had heard it was available here.
I arrived about 0745 and saw 1 monk sweeping the grounds. Before I could say a word he directed me to the back of, what he called, the bot. I saw no sima stones, so whether this is a bot or not I don't know. I went round the back and at the top of the steps sat an old monk getting ready to have his meal out of his bowl.
Anyhow after paying respects to him he asked if I spoke English, to which I responded in the posiyive. When he found out I was a student of Ajaan Cha he told me about his trips to England and we talked about the monks we know in common.
We then moved on to the question of meditation instruction at the wat. Realizing that it was time for his meal I asked if we could do the tour and get the information next week, he cheerfuly agreed, stating that after 0900 was a good time.
I will be shooting Magha Puja morning here and perhaps the evening and will post information about meditation teaching here as soon as i get it. So that meditation khonkaen isaan thailand info for now