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Saturday, February 19, 2011

wat pa baan tad at the sala 19 february

at mealtime people have to be able to get into the sala to get food to the monks sitting behind their bowls. today, and i was told it has become the norm, people are unable to get food to the monks as people set up all around the sala without regard for the monks. at least animals at a zoo are able to get fed. it seems as though the number of license plates from distant changwats is growing as are the number of tour coaches, so more and more people are here to have their picture taken than before. also i heard ans saw a fair number of play by play phone calls going out from the mob around the sala. oh well, it will be over by the 6th of march and just like wat nong pa pong and the others it will become part of the make merit party tour of forest wats.