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Friday, February 4, 2011

To catch a thief in khonkaen

i've heard reports that raja taxi company an\or its drivers have been running the old "meter not work" scam in town for some time. I have been trying to nail 1 and today was finally the day. i remembered to speak english and act dumber than usual and it worked he drove off without starting them meter. next i made my mistake and answered his question in thai. he he stopped the cab and told me the fare to my destination was 50 baht (it is 30 baht on a meter). I told him to call the police. he also told me i was not allowed to take pictures. If you are going to take a taxi in khon kaen use khon kaen taxi" They are dependable and honest. This raja bunch are proving to be a bunch of thieves and hopefully will be gone soon

and if that wasn't good enough i caught this idiot driving down the footpath on the beung