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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Luangta Maha Bua wrote the Biography of Ajaan Mun

luangta maha bua, acriya mun, buddhism, thailand
people having their picture taken in front of one of the many posters at wat pa ban tad
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he wrote the following in the biography
The true beauty of a dhutanga monk lies with the quality of his practice
and the simplicity of his life. When he dies, he leaves behind only
his eight basic requisites – the only true necessities of his magnificent
way of life. While he’s alive, he lives majestically in poverty – the
poverty of a monk. Upon death, he is well-gone with no attachments
whatsoever. Human beings and devas alike sing praises to the monk
who dies in honorable poverty, free of all worldly attachments. So the
ascetic practice of wearing only the three principal robes will always be
a badge of honor complementing dhutanga monks.

might be a nice idea if these words were remember by those who speak of his will and is many possesions.