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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sky Talking? Bar and Restaurant

Signs for this place have been going up all over town for a bit over a month now.
Lucky bugger that I am it is within walking distance of where I stay in khonkaen. I have passed it a few times and Saturday night I decided to pay the place a visit.

 aka Nice Sky, and I got so exited to finally find out what a talking bar was that I almost tripped over the curb, which might have been the high point of the evening.

I realize it is a bit difficult to see,
so let me explain, the couple on the left are talking to each other and have water on the table. The people photo right, have been waving their menu for about 10 minutes and have not been able to draw the attention of the staff who I assume were talking.
So after 10 minutes I left. I think I heard some throw himself off the roof as I walked out.
I have no idea how the food or drink is at the talking bar, as it seems it is only there for talking