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Thursday, February 3, 2011

ajaan maha bua, and next weeks schedule

Sunday it's off to wat pa ban tad to pay respects to ajaan maha bua, a couple days research around nongkhai, then to pakaat to see how ajaan thuui (probably the last of the monks of the forest period) is doing, then to Wat Pa Cha Ban Tat baan Phaet Kham Ta Kla, Sakon Nakhon, dropping off photos to the vliiagers where i shot pindabhat and a few other forest wats. will try to post as regularly as possible.
So a couple meore days in the big city khonkaen is isaan thailand then off again
Ajaan sompop at Wat Pa Cha Ban Tat
maha bua boowa ban tad isaan thailand forest wats