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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wat Sri Chompu Ong Tue Nong Khai

Wat Sri Chompu Ong Tue was Formerly known as Wat Kesin was supposedly constructed in 1607 AD.The temple is locally called Wat Ong Tue for short after its principal Buddha image Phra Chao Ya Ong Tue. The bronze image of a seated Buddha subduing Mara is 4.00 tall and 3.2 meters knee to knee.
As you can see in the picture of the main image the use of lighting in Thailand often detracts from the beauty of the image. Often I will turn off the lights to get a decent view, but could not this day.. I often I will see people visiting a sight totally perplexed by the way images and other items are distorted by the lighting. The ubosat is totally out of proportion with the main image and the wall lack any type of murals or other decoration, which is odd in this region. The secondary image and minor images sort of just exist behind the main image. The usual collection of "under tree" and outdoor images populate the wat. The wat is certainly worth a visit for it's historical significance. Good luck with the lighting.
Boat tours of the river and fortune telling are also available at this wat.