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Monday, January 10, 2011

Village Sport Day in Isaan Thailand

Sport Day in Isaan Thailand often takes place the Sunday after the 2d Saturday in January, which is Childrens Day throughout Thailand. Villages are able to keep some of the childrens day objects standing for he kids to enjoy, while the village goes Moo to Moo in athletic competition. For those who do not know a village is made up of a number of Moos (neighborhoods?).Some of the games are taken seriously, while others are just for fun. It is interesting to see that an adaptation of Bocce or Bocci has gained in popularity in Isaan Thailand. In Isaan any reason for a village get together is always welcome,food,family, religion and are what keeps the region strong.
Unfortunately I cannot put the slideshow into "Cooliris" which creates an attractive album, from the location I am at in Isaan Thailand as the area operates on about 0.05G as oppose to 3G.