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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Isaan Service Station Map Coming Soon

As i was posting to the isaan bog blog this morning it dawned on me that everyone is not as in the know as I am about bogs and service stations in Isaan Thailand. For instance if you were traveling from the south through khonkaen, heading for udon or nongkhai you might want to know the best place to stop for petrol and whatever else necessities you might require. So now not only make a bog report I will do a sevices report.
This New PTT station with large 7-11 has 4 fuel islands. They have bio diesel and 95 as  well as the standard petrol. Bogs are well lit and clean with the sitter shitter geezer bog. BYOB--bring your own bogroll. An Amazon coffee shop, and whats looks like it might be a foodcourt coming soon. There is also a geegaw shop.
AS usual when you go to leave the mandatory articulated trailer will be blocking your view of oncoming traffic.
This place is so new the shrine is not installed yet. So if you are travelling from the south take the ring road around khonkaen and use this fine facility.
The bog map of isaan thailand will be coming soon.