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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boon Koon Larn 12 traditions

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Heet 12 is a Northeastern Thailand or Isaan word for the Central Thai word of Jareet which means custom or tradition. Heet 12 are Northeastern Thailand traditions which are celebrated for each month of the year according to the old Thai calendar. It also means the 12 traditions of the year in central Thailand. The traditional Thai calendar starts with the first month in December which is referred in Isaan as Duan Ai or First month. For every month there will be a monthly tradition of cultural celebration. Most of the traditions held are mainly Buddhist traditions. While, the remaining customs have incorporated Buddhism rituals or concepts for merit making. The many Heet traditions in Northeast Thailand are an important factor that helps preserve the social structure and keep the community together. It also, is a tool for promoting unity within the community by the participation of celebrating the traditions or Boon.
Boon Koon Larn is celebrated during Duan Yi (January). During the celebrations, Buddhist monks will be invited to give ceremony in the village square or central clearing where rice harvests would be dried in the sun. Worshippers provide food offerings and make merit. After the meal, the monks provide holy water to the presented harvest, food and rice storage houses’ to provide luck and prosperity. The first harvest is then stored in rice houses and the first batch or lot of rice is offered to the temple.