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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baan Phon silk January 2011

Baan Phon is in Amphor Kham Muang Kalsin province. Some years ago I first visited the "Silk Agro Tourism" site and was quite impressed with, what was there and the plans to improve the site.  I stopped at the Ban Phon site on my way to sakon nakhon the other day to see what had happened and the following pictures tell the story. The plans for dining, sleeping and theater have, not only fallen by the wayside, but left to rot in public view. For people visiting with children, not only is this an eyesore , but dangerous, as well. All that aside Phone is a great place to visit to see silk as part of life in Isaan Thailand.  Isaan and in particular Kalasin is known for it''s silk, especially the prae wa silk of Kakasin and if people are going to visit the area to see it, it should be presented in a attactive way.
The shop selling the silk opens at 9am so during my wait I strolled through town, hence the 2 photos of the Ban Phon Petrol and Service area. Shops throughout town are open all day.
The new shop and attached toilet facilities (bog blog entry soon) are clean and modern and the silk prices are quite reasonable. 700 baht for the 5 meter reddish piece mentioned. More the bargain when you realize that 2.5 centimeters is produced per day. Also on display is the 100 meter roll of silk presented by kalasin to the queen.
I will also be doing a write-up about a highway? 227 trip for those interested. Enjoy the thailand isaan photos slideshow