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Monday, December 20, 2010

"klong 14" or "kong 14" The traditional Dos & Donts for Isaan People

There are 3 types of Klong 14 which is divided according to the person’s status. Klong 14 that teach administrators, Prince and Kings. Klong 14 for Buddhist Monks. Klong 14 for ordinary citizens.

Klong 14 for ordinary citizens.

Crops and foods after harvest should not be consumed immediately. The harvest should first be offered to the Buddhist Monks to make merit

Do not be greedy and avid. Do not commit fraud, be selfish or be rude

The community should build temple walls together and help each other build walls for each house. Towers of worship should be built on all four corners of the village and at each household

A person’s feet should be cleaned before entering the house

When it is a Buddhist Sabbath day which is on the lunar calendar of 7-8-14-15 day, the people must pay homage to the house’s Khon Sao (furnace), ladder and door

A person’s body and feet should be cleaned, bathed and properly dressed before sleep

When it is Buddhist Sabbath day, the people should make offerings of flowers and incense to Buddhist monks. Wives should pay respect to their husbands


When it is the 15th day of the lunar calendar, the people should invite Buddhist monks to their house to perform merit ceremony and receive food offerings from the host

When providing food offerings to Buddhist Monks, the people should not keep the monks in waiting. During offerings the people should not be wearing shoes or sandals, should not be carrying umbrellas or wear head cloths. They should not be carrying children or carry any types of weapons or touch the monk’s food vessel

When Buddhist monks are confined to temples and monasteries during retreat period, the people should provide offerings of flowers, incense and candles

When Buddhist monk’s are about to pass, the people should kneel and pay their respects and homage before engaging in conversation

Do not step on the shadows of Buddhist monks

Do not provide leftovers to Buddhist Monks and to husbands. If this crime is committed, then the guilty will be committing great sin in this life and the next

When it is Buddhist Lent day, Oog Pansa, Songran, the people should refrain from intercourse or else their children will become stubborn and hard to teach

The last one should give you an idea why the kids is isaan are getting so impolite



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