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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cold in Isaan and twits elsewhere

I don't know how many of you follow twitter. Once you suss it out a bit it can be useful, informative and more. And you learn to take the good with the bad, but every now and then people have to prove that they have alligator mouths and hummingbird asses.
Recently a discussion began about the need for blankets as a cold spell would be hitting the north of Thailand. The usual bunch of people were quite sympathetic and anxious to help just with past events like flooding and other disasters, but their was a bunch of twits and twats that found it necessary to question where the old blankets went and generally have a good old time. Now, obviously none of these were journalists for if they were they would probably headed up and investigated, but no these folks were only there to exercize their strongest organ, their mouths.
Take a look at the houses below, sure only a small segment of the population in isaan lives like this and some few in worse conditions. How does a family of 4 exist on 5,000 or less baht per month. Stay tunes class starts next month. Anyone want to join me let me know?