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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kreng Jai or Kwaai Jai

"Kreng jai (also written as krengjai) is a distinctly Thai trait that can bewilder visitors to Thailand. So what is kreng jai? The direct translation is often given as ‘awe heart‘ or ‘deferential heart‘ and it is usually interpreted as consideration, but that is too simplistic because kreng jai is also a feeling. Kreng jai is being aware of other people’s feelings and showing politeness, respect and consideration towards them..."
Yesterday I stopped at Big C to do some shopping about 1300h. As school is opening soon it was unusually busy. The people pictured had been waiting for about 30 miniutes for the truck that was blocking these cars to move. Usually a normal rude person who does this will leave the vehicle in neutral with the brake off. After another 15 minutes the person appeared and without a word drove off after blocking these folks for nearly an hour.
I hear a lot of talk anout kreng jai, but seem to witness much more kwai jai.

What do you think?