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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Khon Kaen Taxi

I had a meeting today with M. Adam the, recently arrived, operations manager at the Khon Kaen Taxi Company. He explained that the major problem right now is a shortage of taxis. At present the are only 30, and the hope is that 30 more will be on the road sometime in May if not before.
Prior to the meeting I spoke with a number of westerners about their experiences with the company and one story that reoccurred was the 45 minute wait story.
This seems to have occurred due the lack of taxis and the lack of English.He appreciated my suggestion that the operator apologize for the delay and explain the reason for the delay.
He is aware of the problem and they are trying to get operators with English skills.
We discussed outside the ring road rates. They do have a rate list, but I asked why they could not just charge double the meter for outside the ring road.He seemed to like the idea and will be bringing it up with the owner.
Communication is still a problem as the radio system has not arrived. Running aa taxi company on mobile phones cannot work.

Okay I will be adding to this story but for now.

When you get in a taxi make note of it’s  #
If you have any problems call the company, leave your # and ask that Mr Adam call you back.

If you get in a Taxi in the immediate future and it has a # higher than 30 it is not a real KK taxi but one out of Udon. I will be getting more information n this situation and will post. A Thai customer rang in with a complaint about a charge when asked the taxi number he knew it was taxi #32. There are only 30 now.

If you have any questions or comments let me know as

I will be meeting with them again soon