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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baan Nam Bun, Winan Niwat, Sakon Nakhon,Pottery

Stoneware production ended some 20 years ago in Nam Bun. About 10 families produced the pottery. The village chief and 2 brothers pointed out the field that the clay came from, the old kiln sites and the where the pots that were made. A number of pots still exist and some can be seen in the album.
The brothers mentioned that if they had to purchase the wood for the kilns today the cost to fire 30 pots would be about 2,000 Baht in fuel alone. The wheels made of “Mai Daeng” more than 50 years old were turned by one person and the pot formed by another. The pots were then dried in the shade of a grass roof (tin roofs would produce too much heat and the pots would later crack, while the grass roofs allowed a cooling breeze to dry the pots slowly). The pots were then fired for 4 days in the kiln and then taken to nearby villages for sale.
It is a shame to see this art dying out in a truly historic area.