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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Golf in Isaan and THANKS

First of all I want to thank the 12 folks who voted for this blog at
I am amazes that this much ignored blog is actually number 118

Anyhow the past year has been spent, amongst other things putting together a guide to golf in Isaan

The book will soon be available in for sale inPDF format.
Here is what I have to say about caddies
Most of us play golf a lifetime without a caddy, but here in Isaan, as in the rest of Thailand you will have a caddy. As a matter of fact, at many courses the caddy is your biggest expense. You pay the course 160-200 Baht for the caddy and a 200 Baht tip is expected, while green fees for 18 holes on some of the military courses can be as low as 160 to 300 Baht. Most caddies do not speak English, so we’ll provide you with some of the basic words that you’ll need on the course. The basics you want from a caddy are to find your ball, give you correct distances, help read the greens and be quiet when you’re swinging. When you are playing in a group Isaan caddies have a tendency to natter on at the most inappropriate times.
NOTE: Do not be surprised when you get to the green and your caddy marks and picks up your golf ball. She may also hand you a different ball for putting (the putting ball). This breach of the rules is common practice in all Thailand. Caddies occasionally get a bit lazy as far as raking traps. Remember you are paying them, so just hand them the rake and point at the trap. Please make sure the trap gets raked for later groups. Another thing to remember is to keep your own score. Caddies tend to be “polite”.

All of the, more than 30, courses have been GPSed in, and links to Google Maps are included.
More and better information about the courses than any other book or website is included

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