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Monday, April 16, 2007

this is in answer to an Andrew Hicks blog at

I'll never understand why westerners...

1. Why do they build houses on someone elses land?

2. Why do they complain when the house is taken from them?

3. why do they expect everyone to learn their language?

4. why are they too lazy to learn the local language?

5. Why are they always in such a hurry?

6. Why is it so important that their wives eat western food?

7. Why do they want their wives to wear western clothes?

8. Why do they ask their wives stupid questions?

9. why do they get angry when they get a stupid answer?

10. why do they worry so much about dying?

11. why do they get angry about things that they have no control over?

12. why do they want things "western style" from people who do not know or care what western style is?

Okay there's my to dozen for now