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Friday, December 8, 2006

manners, a two way street

photo; Greenway participants at wat

Here is an excerpt from a Thai news Agency posting

"Culture Ministry distributes manners guidebook to foreign tourists
BANGKOK, Dec 4 (TNA) - Thailand's Ministry of Culture will distribute a handbook on Thai manners and 10 'Do's and Don'ts' in Thailand to foreign tourists to enable the visitors to understand and avoid doing things considered taboo in the kingdom...

Khunying Khaisri said the handbook is designed to create more understanding among foreign tourists regarding Thai etiquette and actions that may not appropriate among the Thai public.

The Fine Arts Department and the Culture Monitoring Centre frequently receives complaints of inappropriate behaviour by foreigners such as placing Buddha image heads at inproper places.

"Some foreigners use the Buddha images as hatracks, some put them at the foot of their beds and some use them as a decoration in the product sales display cases," she said.

Many foreign tourists were found dressing inappropriately when visiting temples in Thailand, she added.

The minister said the handbook would be issued in eight languages including English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, and would be given to foreign embassies in Thailand for distribution.

The manual would also available at hotels, Suvarnabhumi Airport and on board Thai Airways International aircraft. (TNA)-E003"

Great idea, But it seems that a booklet for Thai people on proper etiquette toward people visiting the Kingdom might be in order as well.
I look forward to your contributions to the 10 (or more)dos and donts for Thais to practice toward visitors